Exterior Trends

While it is true that home design trends in recent years have placed an emphasis on interior details, exterior design elements remain equally important in their own right.

Depending upon the personal tastes of the owner, Chicago luxury home exteriors vary widely. Some are relatively inconspicuous, while others are much more lavish. In either case, many of Chicago’s luxury homes share specific common elements.

First of all, within the Chicago luxury home market, garages have gained sizable importance. Note: This is in line with the shift in home design philosophy from formality to utility. Two-car garages are still fairly standard, but larger, more accommodating garages are becoming all the rage. At the same time, garages are becoming more posh and design conscious. For instance, good ventilation, pleasant lighting, and heated floors are just a few of the garage trends seen in recent years. The exteriors are also becoming more artful. Increasingly more conscious about the appearance of garages, interior designers have constructed ‘Hidden’ garages, which intended to blend in with the rest of the home, closely take into consideration the type of construction materials used.

Also, some Chicago luxury homes are adding extra garages to separate their luxury cars from the lawn care equipment. Extra garages can be anything from a glorified tool shed to a glorified home building center, complete with tools and customized organization units.

Pools are another exterior feature that is important to many owners of Chicago luxury homes. Plain rectangular pools have been traded in for those with more unique shapes. Pools are often designed to seem more natural; waterfalls, grottos, and lush floral arrangements are popular techniques. While privacy remains a priority, designers aim for more subtle ways to achieve the aura of seclusion.

Another popular trend in exterior design is the outdoor kitchen. Often, these areas are located by the swimming pool. Designers have taken the basic principle of grilling out and transformed it into a luxurious, open-air area to prepare food, complete with running water and high performance, upscale appliances. Outdoor kitchens are functional and raise the property value considerably.

Finally, as always, landscaping is vital to any Chicago luxury home. Again, here we see that shift in design philosophy from formality to utility. Gardens are no longer designed only to look pretty. More and more people are interested in gardens that contain vegetables and herbs. Such gardens are not only ecologically sound, but aid chefs in preparing meals via an assortment of fresh and natural ingredients.