Historic Chicago Luxury Homes

Chicago is rightfully famous for being the home to amazing and varied architectural delights. While many people are mesmerized by height defying, tourist staples like the John Hancock Building and the Sears Tower, actual residences often prove to be more interesting to individuals desiring to learn more about the city’s actual history and architectural origins. Many of these famous Chicago luxury homes are open to the public.

The oldest Chicago luxury home (and indeed the oldest home) is called Clarke House. While it was originally built in another part of the city, it now rests at 1827 South Indiana Avenue. About twenty-five years ago, the city paid for major renovations to the Greek Revival-style house. Now, based on technological advances that provided insight into the original materials used when it was built in 1836, the city is renovating it further. These restorative efforts are paying particular attention to the original materials, styles, and colors of the house. For a small charge, guided tours are available.

Another famous Chicago luxury home is the Francis J. Dewes Mansion, located in Lincoln Park at 503 West Wrightwood Avenue. This impressive structure was heavily influenced by European architecture, particularly of the German baroque persuasion. The exquisitely restored, the fabulous home is often used for weddings and other special events. The extravagant ballroom is perfect for receptions, while outdoor events are held in the groomed courtyard. Outside of planning a special event, you need to schedule an appointment to view the facilities.

Many years ago, before downtown Chicago became so commercial, the area was a veritable showcase of fabulous homes. Now, only a few such buildings remain, but so impressive, they provide a hint of what that spectacle might have resembled. Two good examples are located on Erie Street, which is a bit west of the north end of the Magnificent Mile. These homes, Nickerson House and Cable House, have both been designated historic landmarks by the city of Chicago. Originally, they were built by wealthy businessmen.

This guide highlights only a few particular Chicago luxury homes. There are, of course, many others. Multiple different agencies offer tours of the city that focus on specifically grouped architectural styles. Other tours focus on architecture within a particular geographic area or neighborhood. The type of tour you select depends upon your personal interests. Shop around for special tours, especially during the holidays.