Inspect the House

If you become particularly interested in a certain Chicago luxury home, you will want to perform a careful inspection of the property. In this way, you can screen houses that might require major renovation. If you decide that you want to make an offer, you must hire a professional inspector. This person’s job is to make sure that there are no major problems and that the price of the house matches its actual worth. By making your own inspection in advance, you will be able to instruct the inspector to pay particular attention to certain features or potential problem areas.

A couple of tips for the actual inspection you conduct on your own. To properly inspect the home, bring along a flashlight, to peer into dark corners, and a handheld tape recorder, to record observations as you progress. If you don’t have a tape recorder, a note pad will suffice. Just make sure that you take down clear and concise notes.

Since you have an untrained eye, you are really looking for blatant problems or anything that seems out of the ordinary. The most important aspects of the house that warrant your special attention are the big things. Spend some time inspecting the roof, noting what it is made of and whether it looks especially worn. Test the lights as you go from room to room. Note: While time consuming, you may want to check all the electrical outlets as well. Finally, since plumbing can be a time-consuming and expensive element to repair, be sure to test all of the faucets, and turn on more than one at a time. Observe the water pressure, temperature and the smoothness of the water flow. Also, it is highly suggested that you inspect the heating and air conditioning unit(s).

An eye for detail and workmanship will help you estimate the quality of the house. As you walk into the home, observe the condition of the exterior, notating whether it needs to be painted or cleaned. Check the cabinets, especially in the kitchen. Look for problems with flooring, doors, handles | knobs and windows.

Finally, you will want to spend particular time in the attic and the basement. This may seem counter-intuitive; since these aren’t rooms in which people generally spend time. Still, the condition of these rooms can be very telling. Often, major problems become most apparent in the basement. Make sure that there are no signs of moisture or dampness, or past moisture or dampness (water marks and rust). Inspect any exposed pipes and note their condition. Look at the insulation in the attic, and make sure that ventilation seems to be appropriate and in a functioning state.

As looks an be deceiving, a thorough inspection can help ensure your Chicago luxury home is all that it purports to be.