Lavish Interiors

In recent years, luxury homebuilders, as well as, buyers) have placed increased emphasis on interior amenities. They are increasingly concentrating on appointing their luxury homes well, as opposed to pumping money into the actual structure of the property.

This is especially true in large cities, where space itself is less plentiful and more expensive. As a result, Chicago luxury homes are no longer defined solely by square footage. Instead, a modest space with lavish features has become the urban answer to sprawling estates.

For many people, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. An authentic gourmet kitchen should accommodate a serious cook, as well as, family members who desire a centralized gathering space. Counter space must be plentiful, and the counter itself should be made of a high-quality material such as stone, marble, or concrete. Sinks are often designed with separate faucets for both hot and cold water (with built-in water filtration systems, of course). Stovetops might be oversized, with a high-powered fan and a built-in indoor grill. Larger spaces can even accommodate restaurant-style walk-in freezers or refrigerators.

Naturally, the master bedroom suite lends itself to extravagance. It is only natural to want to be pampered in the area where you spend so much time bathing, dressing, and sleeping. The bathroom might have an oversized bathtub with spa features, as well as, a stand-up showering area with built-in streaming water jets. His and her toilets, often cited as a prerequisite to retaining a couple’s harmony, might occupy separate areas within the larger room. Often, the suite will contain walk-in dressing rooms with custom-built organizational systems. Some luxury homes will contain more than one master suite to accommodate the family of a grown child or an elderly parent.

Many families choose to equip their Chicago luxury home with one or more specially designed rooms, depending on their interests. The most popular room in recent years has been the home theater, which can be equipped with all manners of state-of-the-art media equipment. Wine cellars and walk-in cigar humidifiers have also become more popular in recent years. (They are frequently temperature-controlled rooms at the ground level, instead of basement additions.) Also, since computers have become so popular, many families choose to have multiple studies. Families with more limited space might prefer a library with built-in shelving and multiple computer terminals.

Of course, the particular amenities you choose will depend upon the lifestyle of your family. In any case, keep in mind that your Chicago luxury home doesn’t have to be huge in order to be fabulous.