Luxury Home Layouts

So, what you can expect when you tour a luxury property? Naturally, there are the basics. All homes, big and small, require certain rooms like the kitchen, family room and master bedroom. One marked difference in Chicago luxury homes is an open layout plan, while facilitating a streamlined flow of family interaction, makes large spaces seem even larger. Fewer walls and additional open areas are especially important in the heart of the city, where space is at a premium.

The first floor always contains a spacious kitchen, usually with space to accommodate casual dining. Depending on the needs of your family, you may also want to consider a more formal dining space for entertaining. Typically, a living room is a first floor staple. Whichever style you select, large windows are predominately a popular choice. Another traditional staple, the master bedroom suite, in Chicago luxury homes is often located on the first floor. Some houses even feature additional suites for grown children and | or elderly parents, as well as, rooms off the kitchen for either nannies or household help.

The more interesting aspect of Chicago luxury home layouts is the specialty rooms. What exactly you make of such rooms typically depends on the size of your family and the activities that you enjoy most. Specialty rooms usually incorporate creative ideas. Game rooms can include anything from billiards to bowling. An indoor pool area might have a massage room and a sauna. A wine cellar might be adjacent to a fully equipped bar. Alternatively, you may prefer a personal gym with weights, exercise equipment, or even an indoor track.

Upper floors typically focus on living space. Guest bedrooms and children’s rooms are usually placed up the stairs. The second floor also tends to be a good space for one or more home offices. A bit removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a second floor workspace is a great option for those who work from home (or those who can’t bear to leave their work at the office). Separate offices for him and her, or (perhaps more usefully) for adults and children, are also becoming a standard fixture within Chicago luxury homes.

Of course, luxury homes also place a tremendous emphasis on the design stle of each particular room, even those considered to be borderline basic, i.e., bathrooms and laundry areas. In particular, Chicago luxury homes are putting more and more focus on the creation of extravagant bathrooms. Bathrooms are getting bigger and bigger, assuming the same kind of square footage that used to be found exclusively in bedrooms. The second floor also usually has a laundry center, which again has seen its share of updates and improvements.