Outdoor Kitchens

Many American homes feature an outdoor grilling area. This basic idea has been embellished considerably, and the result has become the latest trend in Chicago luxury houses: the outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens allow families to enjoy more time outside without sacrificing the comforts of the indoors. Emphasis is placed on cooking, as well as, entertaining. The best outdoor kitchens combine stylish design with practicality, allowing guests to be entertained while the cook has every conceivable convenience immediately available. It seems as though luxury is no longer confined to those parts of the house enclosed within walls and covered by a roof.

The most basic outdoor kitchen will have a grill and some sort of storage space that also serves as a countertop during meal preparation. More recently, these areas have become increasingly lavish. In fact, some properties list this feature as a full second kitchen, an element which adds considerable value to the property.

The new necessities in Chicago luxury home kitchens include running water and top of the line appliances. Refrigerators are required, and some people prefer to have a separate one specifically earmarked for wine storage. One or more sinks make preparation and clean up as easy as it is in an indoor kitchen. Custom cabinetry makes it convenient to put everything in its place after the entertaining is over. Concrete countertops are both stylish and durable.

The most extravagant outdoor kitchens take gourmet to a whole new level. Enormous gas grills are pretty much standard. Some kitchens have even more specialized equipment, including rotisseries and wood-fired ovens. Smokers are another common cooking aide that adds a good deal of flavor and zing to the meal.

Another important feature in a fully appointed outdoor kitchen is the seating area. Part of the allure of being able to cook outside includes the au’ natural ambience associated with eating outside. A dining area is absolutely necessary, but some houses take entertaining a step beyond the norm with an adjacent outdoor living room. Such areas include comfortable furniture, plasma televisions, and even fireplaces for nights that are a little on the chilly side.

Furthermore (could there really be more,) there are also those features which are purely cosmetic. Such additions are designed to enhance the natural beauty of an outdoor setting. Water features, like those commonly found in gardens, are quite commonplace. Additionally, artwork, particularly sculptures, which tend to fare well when exposed to the elements is viewed to be an integral design element. Also, don’t forget the landscaping. Flowers and pristine gardens add immeasurable beauty and elegance to any outdoor dining experience.